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            ABOUT US
            China Bodman Machinery Co., Ltd. (BODMAN) was founded in 2010, and its headquarters is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai (Shanggao Group Industrial Park), with registered capital of 51.88 million. Bodman Machinery is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.
            China Bodman Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced a full set of advanced production technology and precision production equipment from Germany. Since its establishment, it has become a synonym of high quality in the field of Mechatronics products ...

            What Can We Do For You?
            Feasibility analysis
            Engineering design
            Product manufacturing
            Production and management consultation
            Trial running and training
            Engineering installation

            A set of equipment

            Pump valve fitting
            Company news/Industry News/Common Problem
            Since its establishment, Bodman has been providing customers with all-round, high-quality, international and professional services.

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